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From energy to materials, the past few months have seen hefty price hikes almost everywhere. There are however plenty of ways to save money and stay profitable, even in these times, without raising your prices for customers. The tips below could help guide you.

Group your orders to save shipping costs

Time is money, and we all have busy schedules. That is why ADI are constantly working to improve its website and make it more user-friendly. For example, you could use the favourites list to consolidate products you need more often. You can then find and order suitable products in just a few clicks without conducting an extended search. You can also quickly and easily convert quotations into orders or re-order old ones.

Engage the ADI project team

The project services team at ADI is trained to find the right solution for your customer's requirements. Let them know what requirements the system needs to meet, and they will find the right products to match. The team looks at the minimum requirements, alternatives, and systems you can combine to get the most cost-effective solution. In addition, ADI can stock materials for you as soon as you confirm the order. That way, we can give you a price guarantee should the prices of certain components rise after the project has started. This way, you can also guarantee a fixed price for your customer. Our project team will be happy to advise you.

Make use of our pre-build and configuration service

Another way to save time and money is by using the ADI pre-build and configuration service. A vital benefit of this service is that it allows us to identify and remove any faulty products thereby preventing out-of-box failures on-site and saving the customer time and hassle. Furthermore, we can ensure that everything is fully configured before delivery and that your order arrives at the right location at the right time, so you don't need interim storage. In addition, we label all products for you and bundle the right parts together. For example, if you need 100 cameras for a construction project, we ensure they are packed per floor so they can be installed quickly and easily. Thanks to pre-configuration, they are ready for immediate deployment and use.

Get extra discounts with bulk orders

If you need large quantities of one product or working on a large project and want to order all materials through one distributor, then it might be possible to receive an extra discount and save money that way. The ADI team will be happy to help you explore the possibilities and potential price advantages. Please get in touch with your account manager about this.

Save time with smart online ordering

Did you know that you can easily save on shipping costs at ADI? For example, we can arrange for multiple orders to be delivered simultaneously. You can request this via your account manager. This way, you can continue to enter several small orders per week without paying shipping costs several times. In addition, you naturally pay no shipping costs for all orders over £150 (this excludes special orders though).

Register with partner programs

Many ADI suppliers have their own partner programs, which you can also take advantage of when ordering through ADI. The various programs provide many benefits, often including additional discounts. Depending on the program, you will get more benefits if you order multiple products from the same brand. So it is worth looking into this, especially if you often use a particular brand.

Stay informed about promotions

All our customers automatically receive price updates every month as soon as we get notified by our suppliers, allowing you to replenish your stock at the right time. You also can sign up for our email marketing to receive regular updates on market trends and information on all the latest products, services and promotions available at ADI.

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