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What is Pro AV

AV is an umbrella term for a wide range of audio-visual products and services. Pro AV, meanwhile, refers to any audio or visual system installed for commercial purposes and applications are widely found in the education, retail and hospitality sectors. Whether it's a video wall or digital signage in a shopping complex, digital whiteboards and audio systems in schools or LED flight information boards at airports, Pro AV is now found in every aspect of our lives.

The Growth of Pro AV

Industry trends

A number of verticals make a significant contribution to the Pro AV market. These include: Retail, Hospitality, Corporate, Local Government and Education. Many of the opportunities in these markets are suitable for both Security & AV Installers as there is great synergy. There is expected to be greater divergence between Security and AV in the coming years as IP accelerates.

Education Solutions

In the wake of the pandemic, classrooms and lecture halls are turning to cutting-edge visual technology more than ever. From interactive digital boards in classrooms to LCD Walls in auditoriums, Pro AV technology continues to shape the education landscape. Deploying digital interactive and collaborative Pro AV solutions in the education sector facilitates learning and could help boost performance outcomes while offering a significant revenue stream for Pro AV installers.  

Retail Solutions

As Pro AV grows within the retail space and systems are incorporated into store-fronts and back-end operations, various solutions could be considered.  

Loudspeaker solutions for every audio application, including EN54-24 certified voice alarm, speech and background music, foreground music and professional audio.  Sound management solutions to enhance audio delivery, such as amplifiers and commercial microphones

The use of digital display applications in the form of digital ads and videos in the retail space is growing rapidly. Display screens, such as the Android Planar 65” Digital Wall Display, allow retailers to create a distinct in-store experience and engage with their customers through large-format 4k displays. Similarly, retailers could use digital window displays to draw in window shoppers and boost foot traffic.  

Whilst more retailers are turning to Pro AV technology, they might not necessarily understand the technicalities associated with their installations and needs. It's important to remember that as a growing market, many retailers will need guidance as they transition. Meeting potential customers, assessing their needs and offering a complete rundown from cabling to software and devices will offer a layer of confidence to the less tech-savvy client. 

Innovation leads to opportunities

Innovation in flat panel displays creates new applications for display experiences never before possible and allows for futuristic and modern aesthetics that have appeal across industries and applications. A good example of this is The Planar LookThru Transparent OLED Display. This display allows users to view video content, digital images and text on a virtually frameless glass display while enabling designers to overlay this content onto real objects or scenes that sit behind the glass. This feature makes it ideal for retail merchandising, corporate displays, museum exhibits, tradeshow exhibits and a wide range of other applications.  

Why choose Pro AV?

The demand for Pro AV solutions is driven by the need for communication, connectivity and adaptability within the workspace, hospitality, retail and education sectors. Considered a growth category, Pro AV is experiencing fast-expanding numbers of products and suppliers. The most significant opportunities are digital displays, which are replacing applications previously covered by monitors, and audio applications (Commercial Audio, PA/VA, Audio over Ip). Combined with Pro AV suppliers and distributors providing a high level of information, training and support to installers, it's the ideal opportunity to broaden your projects to include Pro AV.



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